Charter 2010 FAQs

The top reasons why governments should have charters

Even ruling governments should consider having clear and thorough charters because they enlighten the public on what the government is capable of doing within the remit of what they are allowed to do. Here are some reasons why governments should have charters:

-Creates cohesive rule: The hung national election that the UK government recently experienced meant that politicians from different parties had to come together to rule the nation. The public wants to know that their politicians will not be squabbling in parliament over minor issues and instead work together to sort out issues relating to the UK such as rising unemployment and a tough recession.

-Gives the government a game plan to work on: The government is lucky in that they now have a game plan to work with because having a charter ensures that they do need veer off the cliff while they are working on solutions for the country.

-Charters create hope: The voting public needs to know that the government wants to give them hope but also to deliver on that hope. The vision and goals of the coalition government are better served not just in Budget 2012 announcements but also in a charter that has clear defined goals about where the UK is headed.